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Guys, after seeing, experiencing and reading about bad remote viewing training I wanted to write a few words.
There is now a current thread on one method of training being discussed within social media and we have seen many others over the years. Please be VERY careful in who you pick to teach you remote viewing. There are many guru-like, toxic, unprofessional and inexperienced people out there selling remote viewing training & services. Be VERY careful who you pick and where you put your money. I have said this time after time – RV is NOT a toy! It can be amazing and enlightening, and it can also be very damaging if the participant is not in the correct headspace. Let alone the financial damage reputation damage and many other things that can happen from not choosing wisely.

If you want RV training:
First – research, then research some more – do NOT jump into it fast, research, and ask questions. Vet your potential instructor.

1. Research like you would any serious financial and time investment. Think of it like going to a school, business of university – research the ethics, background, and status of the trainer. My method map here: this magazine interviewing some of the instructors May help. But also be aware just because people are on my map or in my magazine – this is not a validation that they are valid and good RV instructors – research.

2. Background – all valid instructors should have a good background in RV – ask to see some of their personal RV project sessions over the last twelve months. I wouldn’t for example want training from a viewer who doesn’t remote view regularly. Ask to speak to several of their past students for advice. Ask around on social media. What does the general RV community feel about this individual or their training method – are they an approachable and credible person you would like to work with.

3. What you get for your money. Is it worth it, do you get good individual and personal attention to you and YOUR needs. Only you can answer this one.

4. Training Time – It’s my experience that serious RV mentoring takes many months of intensive interaction, tons of practice and dedication – does your trainer offer this? Rv can’t be learned in a day, week or month. Saying this you DONT need to sell a kidney to pay for RV training either. Be careful of what you pay in light of all this information.

5. RV Methods – they are NOT all equal, some being sold do not have the people, history and time put into them that others do – again research, research, research.

6. Personalities – find a personality that gels with you. There are many different personalities selling Rv training, some better than others – find the one that feels right for you along with ALL the other data points presented here.

7. Ask questions, ask around, ask for examples, testimonials, and contacts, ask on social.
So that’s about it – be careful out there. Not everyone is valid, ethical or even nice people. Is something to good to be true, is the trainer a nice person, are they current, valid and good people. Is this a good place to put your time, dedication, and money.

Be safe.

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